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If you live in the Piedmont Triad area and your home was built on a crawl space, you likely have mold and rot issues. We’ve all heard horror stories about the cost associated when contracting big companies that specialize only in crawl space repair. It’s not uncommon to get a quote for $15,000+ to correct issues under your home. Most of the time these quotes include needless repairs and upcharges that turn what should be minimal costs into very high costs.


Enter the experts at Marshall HVAC

We treat our customers the way we want to be treated – with honest advice and a realistic approach to solve your crawl space problems at the lowest possible cost. We provide the same high quality professional service as the big crawl space repair companies while maintaining a smaller profit level and passing the savings on to the customer.


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Moisture, Humidity and Rot and How They Affect Your Living Space

Crawl space humidity has negatively affected homes in areas like North Carolina since homes were first built using a crawl space system. As heat levels rise, the temperature soars under your home. Add in the moisture from the humidity and the area underneath your home begins to develop condensation on wood surfaces, leading to serious problems in your crawl space. These problems can ultimately lead to health issues and the need for expensive repairs to damaged and rotting wood surfaces in your crawl space.

Let’s Break It Down

When warm air enters your crawl space through your home’s foundation vents, it’s cooled, which raises the relative humidity of all the air underneath your home.  The resulting moisture can not only attract pests and rot the wood of your home’s foundation, but it can also cause mold – which begins to thrive at around 70% relative humidity. Once your air quality is compromised, you can begin to experience health issues like eye irritation, worsened allergies, headaches and respiratory problems including asthma. In order to avoid this mold growth and the unwelcome side effects, the area under your home needs to remain constant at approximately 55% relative humidity throughout the year.

Controlling Humidity and the Environment in Your Crawlspace

Fortunately, we can control the humidity level under your home by encapsulating your crawl space. Properly sealing out moisture with a vapor barrier system, sealing foundation vents and entryways and treating the air will prevent rising humidity levels. In extreme cases, we may recommend a dehumidifier to dry out the space.

Taking these steps will create a clean and low-humidity environment that will keep your crawl space dry and odor free, and more importantly keep mold, mildew and pests from invading your home.


Solutions We Provide

  • We install vapor barrier systems to control moisture in damp and wet areas
  • We assess your home’s vents and upgrade them with a closed vent system or automatic humidistat fans to reduce high levels of moisture
  • We install properly-sized dehumidifiers in your crawlspace to control humidity
  • We install French drain systems to control wet areas around your home’s foundation

Benefits of Crawl Space Encapsulation and Humidity Reduction

  • Improve air quality in your crawl space and home
  • Avoid mold and mildew issues and potential wood rot and structural damage
  • Reduce conditions that attract pests
  • Increase resale value for your home

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